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                                                       Genuine Leather Wallet - Tips for Buying the Best

While you are selecting a wallet, it is very important that you are able to distinguish genuine leather wallet  from fake ones, because leather wallet are expensive and more durable than most materials. While it is not an easy task to differentiate between the two, there are a few things you can check.Check the wallet for a label that guarantees that it is made of leather. If there is no label or if the label indicates that it is made of man-made materials, it is probably not a genuine leather product.

Genuine leather wallet have rough edges along the sides where the fabric is cut while the fake ones either have a smooth finish or feel like foam. Examine the pores on the leather wallet and find out whether it has a regular or irregular pattern. Genuine leather has irregular pores on the surface.Counterfeit wallet might come at extremely attractive prices - look out for misspellings of popular brands.The more fake and genuine leather products you compare, the better equipped you will be to identify at ease just by the look of it. You can even check for the distinct ‘leather’ smell characteristic of genuine wallet.